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So to recap, if the rest of the leaks are also accurate:

Rey gets Luke AND Leia's lightsabers

Wasn't Luke's destroyed in TLJ?

Yes. She either has the pieces and buries them at the end, or uses parts of them and then buries the rest from what I've read. At some point both she and Ben Solo are using blue lightsabers - it was in the leaked pics that Disney pitched a fit over and tried to scrub from the internet. The one he has might be his own if they're ignoring their own canon about red lightsabers turning white when the crystal is cleaned or whatever the fuck the rule is now.
So to recap, if the rest of the leaks are also accurate:

Rey gets Luke AND Leia's lightsabers

Wasn't Luke's destroyed in TLJ?
Kiwifarms must be so confused. On the one hand, something bad and potentially crippling is going on that's getting FYAD locked down; SA on the ropes is what everyone's living for, this holiday season. On the other hand FYAD is like a Hogan's Heroes POW camp of people just like kiwifarm posters, that just chuck around 'tranny' and 'faggot' like they had quotas to keep.
Well fuck, sounds like here too, you tranny faggots.
So to recap, if the rest of the leaks are also accurate:

Rey gets Luke AND Leia's lightsabers, and ends up making a new one for herself after cannibalizing parts from them. She gets Luke's X-Wing. She gets the Millennium Falcon unless it actually does get destroyed. She gets the droids. She gets the Lars homestead. She gets the name Skywalker. She gets to re-kill the main villain of the first six movies, even though he was already dead. She beats Kylo Ren in a dual again - possibly twice in this one. She gets the power to heal and revive people. She gets to use force lightning.


The final track on the Rise of Skywalker soundtrack is titled "A New Home" in the download's metadata. The director of photography posted a pic of himself at the Lars homestead. It's looking like the leaks are more and more accurate. The shitshow is on.

edit: People are trying to work out which leaks match the full track list:

That thread keeps on giving.

Once the most politically incorrect place in the internet, Something Awful has gotten rid of everything that made it funny and worthwhile.
Imagine grown men thinking their "mod" position is something to take seriously or even consider as a pastime. These people are struggling to stay human.
Results so far:
Millions of hurt tranny feelings
According to the the tranny posts, at least 80,000 tranny suicides; sadly none of them trannies that post of SA.
FyaD mod Jack Daniels got perma'd because he made fun of Troons.
Most or all of FYAD & some defenders getting Bans + 30 day probes.
Some trannies getting 6ers to go chill in time out because the Admins are sick of them.
Bird Mod (the one with tits) has stepped down and VideoGames is self-demoting from Admin to Mod of Gaming forum.
Some trannies are getting modded, ArchDutchess or something.

Lowtax has blessed all these actions.

TFR & GIP next on the list for the purity spiral.
Free MPC Knockoff Forum / Re: DOJ IG Report
« Last post by Handyman on Today at 02:57:22 PM »
My hot take:

The headline ended up being "no bias  :smug:", but the report more or less corroborated Trump's version of events and simply stopped short of calling it "bias".  Without offering an alternate explanation for why the FBI used a phony spy dossier that came from the Hillary Clinton campaign as the pretext for a wiretap while withholding exculpatory evidence.
I haven't read anything yet, but it sounds like when someone could strike a deciding blow, they pussied out?

I think that it’s more likely that there was never any intention of getting to the bottom of it, and so the best way to control the damage was to to the bare minimum investigation and then declare it all legal and just a bunch of honest mistakes.  The Democrat narrative has already deeply taken hold and will be nigh impossible to change.  Comey and Lisa Page were doing a victory lap yesterday. 

They are good at this game.  They’ve been at it a long time.
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