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How does shared equity magically lower the principal payment? Doesn't the Canadian government want their money back with interest? Do they help the bank with the foreclosure process if the lendee defaults? Or is it a free %10 off first time home buyer gib where "equity" isn't to be taken literally?

Even better; Is the government allowed to bundle those 10%s into MBS bonds or CDOs and sell options in those securities back to the same banks that own the other 90%

I'm a lending bank. I approve a bunch of sub-prime adjustables at market value to a bunch of first time home buying shlubs with an orange credit scores, not giving a shit about income, because I fully plan on having the government tailor an MBS tranche with all those 10%s so I can take out options on them "just in case"

What could possibly go wrong?

I assume the Canadian government collects their money (plus interest :jewrub: ) when the property sells. Due to the magic of appreciation (real estate only goes up!), everyone wins!
Ted would have lost to Hillary. Why would you want that? I just wish Trump would grow the fuck up. I support most of his platform, almost all of it. But someone please shut down his Twitter account ffs.

Yeah I agree with this, and frankly I'm getting kind of tired of the posting coming from Trumps Twitter account too. It used to be amusing, but it simply becoming white noise at this point.
Disregard, working link:

Loool look at dis shit:

Yeah, I don't have a firearms loiscense and yeah, here's a link to my bank account. Holy shit this almost looks like a phishing page, but nah, it's a legit western government in current year.
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Nothing rallies a base quite like having an actual opposing candidate to oppose, and we're a long way off from when that happens.
trump barely won against literal ghoul hillary clinton with overwhelming energy and support from his now-fucked-off base.
Who gives a fuck about Yang? It's nice the alt-right has found something to occupy their minds but the reality is that Biden will most likely win the primary and then the general.

Biden has a very small chance to win the general against Trump. A lot of the far left progressives don't want an old white guy to represent dems so they will either stay home or perhaps vote independent.
LOL at the Estonian thinking he knows shit about American politics.

Biden would crush Trump.
Wasn't sure which thread to put it in, but the Oregon legislature have come up with a brilliant scheme: try to authorize a 63% pay increase for legislators and claim that it will increase diversity in the legislature. Operation "Pee on Leg and Tell Them It's Raining" is a go.
I don't care what he does, I'm voting Trump in 2020 just to fuck over the left. It means so much to him.

Imagine being this fucking stupid. OWN THE "LIBS"

What a fucking boomer you are Rocket.

LOL at you dopes who think that UBI would stop the transfer of wealth from whites to [diversity].   :facepalm:

the transfer of wealth from whites to [diversity].

Its already happening, you caved in skull grug brain. You're acting like that's a choice you even get to vote for. Your choices are:

UBI: Redistribute from white to minorities and poor/young whites
NO UBI: Redistribute from white to minorities
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