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>posting on /qresearch/ in 2019
>reading /qresearch/ in 2019
nice larp you've got there
Goon Acres / Re: What is the status of swole cru on neo-something sensitive
« Last post by Aran on Today at 06:59:49 AM »
Serious replies only, please.

Neither banned nor plexxed
And in a cru.
They remain swole.
some australian ISPs (including every mobile network) are blocking the chans, liveleak, zerohedge and some other sites at a DNS level. its not difficult to circumvent on pc, but i have confirmed that 4chan and zerohedge are blocked on my phone
Free MPC Knockoff Forum / Re: The Official President Trump YUGE Thread.
« Last post by wimpb on Today at 04:30:20 AM »
I have more respect for sincere accelerationism or guys squatting in bunkers. I don't see how you can rail against Trump for succumbing to das juden while loudly announcing your own price tag or how you can kick the dirt, shove your hands in your pockets and say "aww shucks the colors already get welfare I want some too" and passive aggressively argue for accelerationism "but as long as I get paid" like you've just been LARPing as a human your whole life until a few gibs were jangled your way.

At least Doggo semi-recognizes his own kike apologism. How detached do you have to be to think this way?

Two options...
-Give it to niggers and jews.
-Take it yourself.

There is no 3rd option where you get to allocate it responsibly towards the national debt or anything beneficial to the American people, anymore.

not sure why this is downvoted other than the fact its been posted by blasting_asshole

this is the prisoners dilemma. civilization works when both the citizens (prisoners) work together. that isn't happening anymore. there are so many people scamming the system that if you're still earnestly trying to make an honest living you're a cuck who keeps trying to cooperate while jamal and jose are raping your wife and ransacking your lockbox. hell its not even just niggers and spics who are scamming you now. big companies, non-profits, religious orgs, the fedgov, the state gov, your school teacher, rich people, poor people, jews, trannies, jihadis, i mean who the fuck isn't scamming the shit out of you anymore?

stop feeding the system, become a neet and get that bag
When he said "more legal immigration", he was probably talking about hot Norwegians:

It was like a year ago, did you guys already forget?

Also the wall, he comin'
They are still fags, but aren't banned or in swolegatory anymore. I've seen wimpb in Zapruder type glimpses, but no one else.
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