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Justice Dredd:
From the thread about Travellers (irish gypsies):

--- Quote ---That's why the government giving them a place to live if they settle down is outright insulting. They might still be bogged down by years of back-taxes and insurance for their cars and shit, so why settle down if it involves marrying yourselves to a huge debt? Plus, the police might come back and haunt them with some crime they might have committed while trying to scrape by. There might be additional debt in the form of tickets and fines as well from their lives as travelers without sanctioned places to live.

The government should just outright pardon and erase everything from the past concerning that person/family if the offer of settling down in a house is accepted.

Do this and you won't have any debt-ridden travelers with criminal records anymore.
--- End quote ---

Next up: solve your country's crime problem by removing all laws. You'll be crime-free then!


--- Quote from: Eugene Bullard on May 09, 2012, 02:06:04 AM ---

From the gassed thread where goons are drooling over pictures of women in prison, many for violent crimes:

--- Quote from: Rubies ---This weird creepy thread makes me wish that someone smart would make a thread in GBS explaining the fucking nightmare meat grinder prison system in the US. SA is a lot better than some other places I browse online but even still there's waaaay too many jokes about prison rape, people saying prisoners deserve any shitty treatment they get, mocking people's mug shots, insulting and dehumanizing prostitutes, and other things of that sort.

It is truly fucked up how people watch cops and browse mugshots to catch a glimpse of people at the lowest points in their lives. I'm not the smartest dude in the room so I'd hate to start a thread as a misinformed person, but I just know it's wrong. Hopefully someone from D&D or something will see this bullshit exploitation thread before it gets gassed and gets inspired to make something that we can learn from about how this toxic country treats people who are charged with crimes.
--- End quote ---

--- End quote ---


The "industrial prison complex" was the first LF effort post invasion into GBS, wasn't it?

At least he admits he's not smart.

Justice Dredd:
From a derail in the Anders Brevik thread--

--- Quote ---I had a colleague precisely like that. Old cantankery fart with a house in Orihuela Costa. Absolutely refused to learn any Spanish at all and didn't even like Spanish food or drink, or culture for that matter. He insisted on going to the local supermarket and buy stuff like roast beef and Norwegian salmon, the exact same stuff he ate back home in Denmark. He's an early retiree living in Spain full-time off of his Danish state pension now. I think he even has a side business helping people be able to watch the public state-funded TV channels from back home. The public state-funded channels that they are too skinflint to even contribute to themselves.

I hate enclaves like that, filled with retired old idiots. There is a whole country out there with amazing food, culture and people. Yet they insist on grouping together in festering piles of "us vs them" mentality.
--- End quote ---

I wonder how much his attitude changes when people talk about Chinatown, Little Korea, or Spanish Harlem.

Justice Dredd:

--- Quote from: duckmaster ---
--- Quote ---If you see a doctor in the US, you are getting your vitals checked. Period. It is the standard of care and if it doesn't happen, they didn't do their job. If you didn't get a finger up the butt, you got nowhere near a "giant physical".
--- End quote ---

Why on earth does it require a trained professional with six years of university education and countless years of traning to tell you that you're a bit fat and you might like to think about cutting down on the cheeseburgers? Why on earth does it require a person earning $250,000 a year to tell you that your pulse is a bit high and you might like to think about going for a walk?

You're absolutely right that these are "vitals" but it is precisely because they are vitals that it is your responsibility to keep an eye on them.

What does taking your weight achieve exactly? What can the doctor deduce from taking your pulse - that you are in urgent need of a triple bypass, or maybe that you jogged to the surgery? Blood pressure should be checked at least once every five years; but checking it on a one-off visit to a doctor? He won't be able to tell if it's gone up or down or stayed the same, because he has no other data to compare it to. Literally all he can do is say, "Your blood pressure is a bit high. Eat less salt. Two hundred bucks." That is clearly ridiculous.

Checking the vitals of an otherwise healthy adult everytime they visit a doctor is nothing less than adding value to a product. No wonder the US spends so much money on healthcare if everyone is running around getting doctors to check their pulses every ten minutes and then dying of heart attacks anyway when the doctor forgets to tell them how fat they are.
--- End quote ---

how someone can be so obtuse about such a trivial thing astounds me. i really want to see a pic of duckmaster


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