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/r/news Mod who Censored Orlando Terrorist Story is a Fat Brony

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Launchpad McQuack:
I know not many of you follow Reddit but they had a huge battle going on over the weekend in regards to the Orlando terrorist attack. Basically once it was announced that the shooter was a Muslim, they quickly ran to scrub the story from the subreddit. Deleted tons of submissions and turned comment sections into graveyards. Anyway it actually made some major news outlets.

This was led by a particularly smug mod "suspiciousspecialist". He banned tons of people, deleted just about every comment he could, and told anyone who disagreed with him to fuck off and/or kill themselves. Not unlike our old SA mods, everyone who disagrees with him is an evil racist. Eventually he bowed to pressure from the community and deleted his account (he'll be back I'm sure as a mod under a new alias in no time).

So I wanted to see what made someone a power tripping asshole like this. Someone revealed that this mod used to go by the name "Nickwashere09" before which checked out. It turns out his name is Nick (Nicholas) LaGrassa and he is a fat brony.


Here he is with his voluptuous wife. I wonder why he's so angry at the world.

Some research shows that Nick was a huge contributor to the MLP subs. He deleted his old account so it makes it difficult to find directly on Reddit, but archives still exist showing his heavy activity. His deletion of his old account came right around the time he got a government job with the City of Dallas. Probably didn't want the public to find out that a city employee is a clopper.

And finally, no profile would be complete without their Steam account.

Again showing his My Little Pony love along with some creepy anime schoolgirl games.

This is a bit short but just thought I'd show that the people curating the news on "the front page of the internet" is a fat brony who enjoy sexualized schoolgirl anime games.


Jim Acostas Impotent Rage:
Ugh. How do you even put together in your head "I'm going to see that girl naked later and put my ding dong in her"?

High Impact Sexbot 2020:
Ho Lee Fuk that steam profile lmaoooooo  :allears:

Call Me CisMale:
bitch looks like she ate a little pony


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