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The Jewish Question


Dog-O-Tron 5000v4.1:
What does everyone here want? I'm kinda over it now.

--- Quote from: tits an cooters on November 01, 2018, 01:54:10 AM ---You do realize, at this point you yourself are the impetus for the majority of jewchat that occurs on these forums?

I used to generally agree with you & found the endless WN posting rather tedious, but after watching you crash into a thread to stir up a multipage slapfight over "the JQ" for the 500th time, I've realized you're just as much part of the problem.

--- End quote ---

Well I have had people tell me they would rather me keep this site up and allow the jewchat and the debate as well.

How about this? Pick one:

1). I shut down the site

2). I ban all jewchat

3) I keep things as they are and people are allowed to push back against the WN

If we've reached a point where this is just a WN hugbox and that's the sole purpose of the site, I'm done. I have zero interest in paying for that to exist.

Also the majority if the jewchat is literally all day long in strug, and in most of the threads. Vote here


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